Mission SpaceDeck

Introducing the world’s first rare collectible that will bring you closer to the edge of space. 

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" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"...
Eleanor Roosevelt
"... Not just to the ones who can afford them!"
Space of the Art

Governments, Billionaires and Entrepreneurs are paving the way for commercial space. 


We decided to put this future in your hand


SpaceDeck Today

We are flying 100 SpaceDeck into the stratosphere


You Tomorrow 

To document the journey of future Space tourist

Designed and manufactured by

Legends Playing Cards Company

World leader in supreme quality cards 


Powered by

Zero 2 Infinity

Purveyor of Elevation 


In October 2017 on 

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Superior Paper

Our imported premium card stock is thinner, yet stiffer than any other brand.

A Cut Above

Legend’s signature Diamond Cut process creates glass-like edges that feel buffed and smooth. 

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Intricate Design

Every detail of the reflective backing is delicately crafted, producing a luxury deck that glistens with all the complex beauty of the stars.

Cosmic Reflections

Spot UV printing process brings the reflections of the cosmos to every card. Metallic rose gold ink is spread across the visors of the astronauts before a thin layer of UV coating creates a glossy overlay.

To turn this pure piece of art into a Space Treasure.


Zero 2 Infinity will fly our payload above the ozone layer


Between 30 and 40km of altitude


And when they land back on Earth,


They’ll be the most extraordinary cards in the world.

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Perfecting the Art

Our partner Zero 2 Infinity is perfecting the art of sending just about Anything, from Anywhere, to the the edge of space and beyond, using balloons. 

and they have plans for us dreamers too!