Space Tourism: Science Fiction or Your Future Birthday Gift?

Have you ever thought that Space could be accessible to you – and everyone else – in your lifetime?

If not, you may want to grab a coffee and take a seat. Here’s why:



Space Tourism with balloons could be a reality in as little as the next 3 years and there are a few things you'll want to know about it.

1. Who’s behind this?

Space tourism pioneers Zero2Infinity is leading the race for touristics flights in the stratosphere. One of their mission is to make the view of Space accessible to everyone and since 2009 they’ve been successfully lifting heavy payloads into Near Space using high altitude balloon technology. The next goal is to send humans to the edge of space using their Bloon capsule for the day trip of a lifetime.

2. How will you get up there?

Space Tourists will ascend to the stratosphere in the Bloon capsule, a comfortable pressurized cabin carried by a helium balloon. It will come back down with guided paraglider for descent and comfortably cushion-land with massive airbags.

3. How far up will you go?

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“Near Space” is where future Space Tourists will take in the curvature of the Earth for the first time. You will fly to the surface of the atmosphere, around 35 to 40Kms above sea level (that’s 3 to 4 times higher than any commercial airplane!).

With 99% of Earth’s atmosphere below you, the outside atmospheric pressure will be 1Hpa whereas ground pressure sits around 1000Hpa.

At this height you will be above the ozone layer, at a temperature of -70C, where the blackness of Space and the curvature of the Earth becomes visible.

4. Wait – is this even safe?

Bloon capsule being developed by Zero2Infinity is designed using existing technology for weather balloons and airplanes. This technology has been used extensively for over 50 years and is well regulated for safety. Bloon is classified as a high altitude balloon vehicle; therefore it falls under aviation regulations and will be certified and tested with the same strict safety requirements as a commercial airplane.

We have the technology. We have the regulations to ensure safety of the public. All that’s left is assembling, testing, and turning it into a reality.



5. What will the experience be like?

The voyage will consist of a 5-hour trip. With no G-forces or explosive propellants, passengers will comfortably float into Near Space where they’ll have about 2 hours to revel in the magnificent sight of the Earth below them. Fine dining? Propose to the one? Meditate above the earth horizon.

And if you want to, you can also experience zero gravity for about a minute as the capsule is dropped.


6. This is amazing – how can I get involved right now?

For the first time ever, civilians from around the world will be able to directly take part in the funding of Space Tourism. Space of the Art, a daring new initiative, is creating out-of-this-world collectibles with a purpose to help fund Bloon development. Their first milestone campaign launches on Kickstarter this October!

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Learn more about Space of the Art and how you can make your mark on Space Tourism

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