The sky is the (lower) limit

Hopping on a plane and flying to another continent is no more extraordinary than driving across town. Yet, just as in the days before cars, there was a time when such a feat seemed entirely impossible.

Every day we do what our ancestors could only dream of. So, who are we to look up at the stars and say, “the public will never travel there”?

"Thousands of men, women, and children now cruise each day above the racing pilot's speed of 1927."
Charles Lindberg, 1953 , Spirit of St. Louis

Charles Lindbergh had a career as an airmail pilot, before he tackled the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 courtesy of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum


The Wright Brothers once looked at the sky and dreamt of flying like birds – today, we look up and imagine shooting like comets over the Earth. And like the historical Brothers, we’re working to achieve the impossible.

Aviation started with baby steps. So will Space Transport. Instead of small mail carrier aircrafts, we have Space of the Art and Space Treasure missions.

"We pilots of the mail have a tradition to establish. Whether the mail compartment contains ten letters or ten thousand is beside the point - we have faith in the future. The commerce of the air depends on it. We are taking part in an event pointing the way towards a new era."
Charles Lindberg, Spirit of St. Louis



Charles Lindbergh a.k.a. Lucky Lindy entering U.S. airmail plane.
Source: Manuscript & Archives, Yale University Library


NewSpace company Zero2Infinity is at the forefront of this mission, working to make Space accessible to everyone. With the development of their Bloon Space Tourism Capsule, anyone will be able to float into the stratosphere and view the curvature of the Earth safely, comfortably, and with zero training.

Today the technology is widely available to create a pressurised capsule and a balloon capable of flying it to the stratosphere, so what’s the hold up? Why aren’t we celebrating grandma’s 90th birthday above Earth already?


Zero 2 Infinity test flight


The problem is the same as it was in the early days of aviation – funding. These developments, tests, materials, and safe designs don’t come cheap!

In the spirit of history repeating, Space of the Art decided to jumpstart this dream of Stratospheric travel the way early pilots did – with cargo, hype, and public excitement.


Composite photograph of early-model biplanes, a monoplane, and a dirigible passing by bleachers filled with spectators at the 1910 Dominguez Field Air Meet.
Source: Water & Power Associates


Essentially, we need more stratospheric flights under our belt to prove safety, gain interest, and raise funds.

“We need an explosion of entrepreneurship and creativity in the space industry.”
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Through this initiative, Space of the Art will develop exquisitely rare Space Treasures while Zero2infinity flies them into the Stratosphere in the world’s first Space Tourism crowd-funding effort.

The Space of the Art project is a way to directly contribute to the development of Space tourism, creating a future where Space is accessible to anyone just as the sky is today.

These campaigns will make Space Tourism pioneers out of everyday people by flying precious cargo into Near Space, filming the brilliant spectacle, and giving these treasures back to the contributors as proof of their impact.

Click Here to learn more about Space of the Art’s first milestone campaign and how you can make an impact on the future!