First of all,  don’t be scared away by the price tag, because we, at Space of the Art believe that space should be accessible to everyone, which is why we have  designed rewards for any level of contribution. Only our most limited edition of 100 SpaceDeck will be $1000

Never in your wildest dreams would you consider buying a deck of cards for $1000, right? Who would even try to sell such a thing?

This is exactly what Space of the Art’s first Kickstarter Campaign aims to do. And if you think we’ve lost our minds, take a seat and read on – cause you might find yourself eager to snatch one up by the end.

So what exactly makes a deck of cards worth $1000?

1. Impeccable Quality

It’s no surprise that a deck this valuable would be top shelf quality. Everything from the paper it’s printed on to the intricate details of design have been thoroughly thought out and executed.

Manufactured by world leaders Legends Playing Cards and designed by renowned Russian card artist (and cardist!) Nick Vlow, every card is artistically rendered with complex geometric patterns and themes of space exploration.

Spot UV printing and foil lamination brings the reflections of the cosmos to every card. Metallic rose gold ink is spread across the visors of the astronauts before a thin layer of UV coating creates a holographic, glossy overlay. Even the back of every card has a metallic, luxurious sheen.

But it takes a whole lot more than unmatched quality to justify a deck like this...

2. The Rarity Of A Unique Journey

Now you’re thinking, “Wow, that’s a little dramatic. What kind of journey could a deck of cards possibly go on?”

The answer is – the same journey Space Tourists will take once the cards do their job (but we’ll get to that later).

Space of the Art will take only 100 of these limited edition card decks and fly them into the Stratosphere. A camera will document the entire journey, with the flight footage accessible from a QR code embedded in the Joker. Lucky viewers will watch the sky turn black and the curvature of the Earth shine in the distance, with their own deck of cards (and maybe their selfie) floating in the foreground.

The payload will be dropped from Near Space and directed back to Earth in a controlled descent, where they’ll be collected and shipped off to their owners. Talk about a conversation piece!


And yet, the price still doesn’t quite add up does it? So what makes this deck so incredibly valuable?

3. Become part of the Space transportation Pioneers

Space of the Art set out with a mission – to create luxurious treasures, send them to Near Space, and give the community the opportunity to buy them for a deeper purpose. That purpose is the future.

For this campaign and all future campaigns, 100% of the profits made will go to fund a heavier flight. To do so we are using a service offered by Zero 2 Infinity called Elevate that carries all types of cargo to the edge of space. All those cargo flights allow them an opportunity to test techniques and components with the goal to fly people in the near future. This technology could be ready to debut in as little as 3 years. But this high-tech advancement doesn’t come cheap and that is why we are happy to be a customer of Zero 2 Infinity, contributing towards this goal.

With SpaceDeck, you can become a pioneer of the final frontier, impacting a future where anyone can access the breathtaking views of Earth from Space.

Microbloon Space-View.jpg

In conclusion, this isn’t just a $1000 deck of cards. This is an opportunity to be a part of something greater than yourself, something that could change the way people see aerospace travel forever. The deck is merely a luxury token of this grand investment - proof of your direct impact in the development of Space Tourism and the wider Space Transport industry.

This isn’t just a purchase, this is a purpose.

Click Here to find out more about Space of the Art’s first-ever campaign.