Our Vision

Make space accessible to everyone,

One space treasure at a time


Space of the Art is an initiative created to promote showcase and contribute to the funding of space transportation.
We want to contribute to the development of space tech start-ups that are changing the future of travel.


Our mission is to enable the funding of future technologies and spur investments in the space industry. We will achieve this by creating events and products to promote, showcase, and fund research and development in space transportation.

These events and products will create a platform to capture public enthusiasm,  educate about the potential of the industry and create a market validation to reassure potential investors.


Access to space has always been reserved to governments, astronauts, and billionaires. Similar to the role of air show and prize competition at the dawn of aviation, we believe that wide public support and enthusiasm will be a key factor to develop commercial space industry. Governments cannot sustain on their own the development of the entire commercial space industry. The private sector and the public are responsible to provide the supply and demand required to make this industry sustainable.

The combustion engine freed us from slow travel by horse. The introduction of airplanes freed us from slow travel on land and sea. We believe that space transportation will have a similar impact, if not bigger than those breakthroughs in the transport industry.

Imagine a world where you take a ride to the edge of space as your birthday gift, you travel to any point of the planet in 3 hours, and  where you go on space-cruises on orbit.


Our Team

Space Treasure Busters

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Space Treasure Executive

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Space Treasure Officer



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